It's Time to Talk About Mental Health

You are not alone.

Too many young people and their families are under pressure today. Feeling anxious. Or depressed.

Too many in our Detroit Jewish community are struggling in silence.

Welcome to a place for answers, information and resources.

20% of all teens

experience anxiety, depression or a mental health concern before they reach adulthood.
80% of those who seek help get better.

The conversation is something that’s been in the dark for so long that people are scared to bring it into the light.


– Carson
UMatter Participant


Suicide never impacts just one person

watch Adam's video

Heavy users

of social media
increase their risk of depression by 27%.

Whether you’re tall or short, orthodox or not, mental health issues don’t differentiate. It’s a part of life and the trick is to recognize them and seek help.


– Rabbi Shmuel Zimmerman
Director, Noam Detroit


Mental health issues don’t discriminate

watch Rabbi Zimmerman's video

The kids on the site

All of the kids featured on the "We Need to Talk" website live in the metro Detroit area. We are extremely grateful for their participation and willingness to share their stories and insights.

Many of the teens are also participants in Friendship Circle's UMatter program. We are greatly appreciative for the support and partnership of everyone involved in UMatter. Learn more here.