Service Descriptions

Mental Health Services for Children

Services include individual and group counseling and supports for individuals with mental health challenges or concerns and for their families.

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Jewish Family Service
Individual and family therapy for children over 5 years of age with mental health concerns.

Counseling and supports for families with children with mental illness.

Mentoring Connection

Services include matching Oakland County youth, ages 7-17 years, with volunteer adult mentors who provide support and guidance.

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Jewish Family Service

Loans for Summer Camp and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Services include interest-free loans for life cycle events and summer camp.

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Hebrew Free Loan

Services for Children with Disabilities

Services include programs for children with special needs such as arts, social programs, Jewish education, fitness and exercise, life skills development and training, sports, camp, music, outings and matching of volunteers with children with disabilities to provide friendship to the children and respite for the family.

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Friendship Circle
Arts, social programs, life skills development, Jewish education, fitness, sports and volunteers.

Respite care & supports, social and recreation programs.

Jewish Community Center
Camping/day care inclusion and social programs.

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Life Enhancement Programs

Services include a variety of social, cultural, education, health and fitness programming/services and activities for people of all ages.

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Jewish Community Center

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